refacing cabinets

Refacing your cabinets is a great way to give your kitchen a fresh new feel. By refacing your cabinets, you can save money on the cost of replacing them and you can enjoy the benefits of a better, more unique looking kitchen without spending the money on a new kitchen design. There are several things that you will need to consider when it comes to refacing cabinets. This article is going to take a look at some of those things so that you can get started with planning what your kitchen should look like after refacing your cabinets. Kitchen cabinet refacing is a popular choice among people who are looking for a newer, more modern look for their kitchen. It is a very easy way to add the beauty of a new cabinetry design to an older home.

In most cases, you can have new cabinetry installed in your kitchen within a couple of weekends, depending on the size of your kitchen and the complexity of the work involved. It is a fairly easy process and you will find that the results are very rewarding. You can expect to pay a bit more than you would for a full kitchen remodel, but the amount of money that you pay will be worth it. The amount of time that you save will also be significant.

Wood veneers are the most common type of material used for refacing cabinets. These veneers are made from wood chips, which are then bonded together using an adhesive. The result is a very smooth surface that has been refaced so that it has a more modern appearance. These types of materials can also be custom stained to match the color of your cabinets. Some people opt for all wood veneers while others will use various stains to customize the look of their cabinets.

You will need to consider how many cabinet refacing jobs you have before you start the process. Many homeowners do not feel comfortable refacing cabinets on their own. This is why hiring an expert is a good idea. A professional can help you choose the right products for your project as well as ensuring that the job is done correctly. They may also be able to help you decide whether or not refinishing kitchen cabinets is the right option for your home.

The price that you will pay for refacing cabinets is usually quite affordable. In fact, many homeowners find that the cost of a full kitchen remodel is far greater than the cost of refacing cabinets. If you are planning to hire professionals to reface cabinets, you should plan to pay them about the same price as you would for a new cabinet. This is generally close to the cost of purchasing brand new cabinets. If you want to save money, however, you can also choose to refinish cabinets instead.

When you reface cabinets, you will also need to install new doors and drawer fronts as well as replacing hardware, and remove any existing plywood or laminate countertops. Although you will probably still need to stain and finish the cabinets, you will have much less work to do than when you attempt to reface the cabinets. When you reface cabinets, you will also be left with a clean surface. In fact, when you replace the cabinet frames, you will not have to sand and paint the surfaces at all.

Refacing is a great choice if you are in the process of kitchen remodeling. Many homeowners reface cabinets rather than hiring a full kitchen remodeling company because they save time and money. If you are having trouble finding the right wood to use for your refacing project, there are many sources available. The Internet is a great resource for finding affordable wood that you can use to complete your refacing project.

Before you decide to reface your cabinets, however, you should make sure that you have all of the tools and materials that you need. If you are refacing kitchen cabinets yourself, you should purchase the wood that you plan on using ahead of time so that you have plenty of wood to work with. Also, it may be helpful to get some professional advice before starting your project. Many professionals can help you make the most of your remodeling efforts by giving you ideas and suggestions. If you are going to hire a kitchen designer or contractor to help you create the ideal kitchen cabinets, make sure that they are familiar with refacing so that they can give you insight into the process.